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A Reading List of (Non-Fiction) Books to Begin Questioning Your Pain

Please do NOT start questioning your pain - what purpose it may end up serving in your life and the good that can come of it - until you are ready.

If you start questioning your pain before you've fully validated it and mourned everything you've lost as a result of what you went through, then the experience of questioning it will only serve to further traumatize you and I, more than almost anyone, do NOT want that for you. You deserve to heal. You deserve to know peace... not more pain.

So I will say again: Please, do NOT start questioning your pain until you not just know - but feel in your heart and in your bones - that you are ready to begin.

Once you are ready, these are the books I suggest:

*although the order is random, the books themselves are not. My intention is not to lead you on a journey to discover my truth, but YOUR OWN. I believe each of these books offer different answers and insights to the questions you are most likely already beginning to ask yourself...

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