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smoke only exists

a dance between air and breath

when a fire is lit

to sit with yourself

is a difficult battle

and also a gift

cold and unfeeling

a person unto himself

just out of heart's reach

i wake each morning

certain of what the day holds:


left with nothing but 

littered empty promises

and a crumpled heart

there's no medicine

quite like breathing in fresh air

watching a bird soar

just by happenstance

i was there and so were you

to be continued...

this life is a gift

death, the box in which it rests

open if you wish

i gave up my joy

for a slice of indifference

and thought that was love

not yet morning light

no longer the dark of night

somewhere in-between

tied forget-me-nots

to a post in the backyard

don't remember why

where has my day gone?

i can't find it anywhere...

searching for lost time

i can't breathe just yet

i need his hand off my throat

and his tongue in check

and if we are weak

compared to rocks and mountains

we know not our strength

people in my mind

whisper stories to my heart

validate my pain

i miss you always

no, only when i'm lonely

mostly i forget

close your eyes and see

watch the universe unfold

before your glory

my thoughtless mind is 

spinning, whirling, tumbling

fighting with my heart

a snake in my path

slithers its timely greeting

as my heel falls

blood stains on bike seats

i refuse to be ashamed

dangerous woman

capture a moment

only to watch it dissolve

into memory

as darkness settles

hello fire, my old friend

what shall we ignite?

pushing my body

against the wind; against him

looking for limits

outside my window

everything exists but i

remain still within

many grateful hearts

can change the color of the

sky and of your mind

is success achieved

by those who are free, or those

chained to happy lies

and choice after choice 

life goes on until the end

we must all decide

hope lives on in us

the protestors, the dreamers

we refuse to die

trading bars for chains

i know why the black bird screams

and nevermore sleeps

if love must be chased

it's not worth running after

wait for a still heart

writing is a chore

and just like any other

must be done with care

hours drag by hair

feebly fighting back against

a relentless time

perfect days don't last

but appear nevertheless

keeping hope alive

oh what a fine day!

to fail spectacularly

and begin anew

the days ebb and flow

what is the nature of man?

with a kiss betrays

disappointed hopes

sway breezily in the sun

wasted summer days

pressed against the roots

desperate for a future truth

facing all that's known

to be powerful 

to know how it smells and tastes

life without constraint

waste away the day

regurgitating your shame

or swallow and see

leave the world behind

escape on the wings of dreams

but steer clear the sun

sometimes i forget

life is not what i expect

but neither am i

a precise exchange

thought out words and stilted speech

always miss their aim

what if god exists

the broken scream at the torn

but what would that fix?

the fear in your eyes

calls out to a heart in pain

but there's no escape

poetry for one

the truth of love revealed

to a heart alone

intelligent eyes

search not for love, but for kind

beauty of the mind

picking and pulling

my ideals waste away

compulsion runs deep

i know only this:

i left your body helpless

and maybe still am

children are sponges

if they know nothing of love

you know who to blame

each brick lays a path 

that can be followed or trashed

there is no right choice

this world is in pain

if the broken are blameless,

who should be ashamed?

one day i will fly

on that day i will be more

just before i fall

a fluttering flag

bleeds for the soon-to-be dead

good patriots all

i still can't believe

our souls were fated to meet

what a tragedy

what would my life be

without friends for comfort and

foes for constant growth

i make decisions

all at once or not at all


feminism asks

"am i a human being?"

the answer is yes

just one inward glimpse

and truth unfolds before me

my reality

life does not begin

but merely continues on


the void you create

when you take your love away

consumes all my days

if i unseat thee

will i win this game, or live

just to joust again

confusion consumes

those whose ears are attuned to

newspeak and half-truths

life is hard because

we project onto others

our own awful sins

why do problems seem

much less difficult to solve

when they are not ours?

life's a fairytale

though i know not of dragons

still the beast awakes

i distract myself

and waste each precious moment

trying to forget

your eyes break the ice

that once encompassed my soul

numbing me from pain

so many mistakes

where do i even begin...

stop talking to him

happiness happens

it cannot be tamed or planned

waste not this moment

light falls on my heart

revealing what lay hidden

my love and my shame

why do we wonder

when wandering is a choice

is there more to life?

maybe i need to

or rather, i shouldn't want to 

but i know i won't

we take for granted

all we have: rights and freedoms

until there's none left

i will be more than

the smallness of this body

i already am

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