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a sisterhood of creativity, of healing  

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the write time to heal is now...

you don't need to be told how prevalent sexual trauma is among women. you already know, because it's your lived experience. someone you knew and trusted, some guy you had just met at a bar, at a party, at a concert, or a complete stranger on a crowded street that grabbed your ass as you walked past. they're not statistics for you, they're memories. it isn't fair and it isn't right, but neither of those will ever make it so that it didn't happen. it will always have happened and the only choice you can make now is how you move on: push it down and try to forget, live off the anger it's created inside of you until it becomes the poison that kills you, or find a way to heal and incorporate it into the lexicon of experiences that create YOU. the beautiful, magical, resilient woman reading this right now. 

the woman who is looking for answers, looking for reasons why, looking for ways to cope. but you already have all of the answers inside you, everything you need... the truth is in your bones. that's why we write poetry in this sisterhood to shed light to the truths we hold inside and to give words to the pain so that it can't continue to cause us suffering... for taking the pain out of your heart and placing it on the page to create something beautiful, something true, something that could only come of you is how you begin to heal, and eventually rediscover who you are.