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spread the love activities

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a list of things you can do to SPREAD the love when things are going well and your cup is overflowing.

while it may seem like some of these activities would be good for moments when you're feeling down or empty, what I've learned in my life is that - when undertaken with the intention of giving rather than receiving, these activities take on a whole new value that can only be fully experienced from a place of fullness.

1. write a long hand-written letter to a friend/loved one detailing how much their friendship means to you and how amazing you think they are.

2. ask someone you care about (especially if you know their love language is touch) if you can give them a hug

3. call a friend/loved one just to let them vent/talk about whatever is going on in their lives at the moment (good or bad... let them decide). be curious, be interested, and be present with them.

4. bake someone you care about a plate of their favorite cookies. if you don't know their favorite, chocolate chip is almost always a safe bet (obviously save some for you to enjoy too! the point here is to be giving, not a martyr.)

5. text a friend/loved one just to let them know that you're thinking about them and you hope they have an amazing day.

6. buy someone you care about a card, throw in five dollars, and write inside "your next coffee is on me. love you and hope you have a surprisingly wonderful day!" 

7. invite your closest female friends over for a women's circle. if you've never done one before, make it more collaborative and let everyone add something to the mix. if you don't want to take it too seriously, don't. it's not about being ceremonial, it's just about creating community with other women. 

8. invite a friend/loved one over to do a no-cost activity with you such as going for a walk or a bike ride or checking out a free museum.

9. randomly text a friend you haven't spoken to in a while just to share a favorite memory you have with them and let them know you hope they're doing well

10. reach out to a close friend (or group of friends) and plan an adventure together - figure out (and be respectful of) budgets, schedules, and time constraints. plan it enough in advance that everyone has time to save and plan as needed and make sure everyone gets an equal share in adding ideas and crafting the itinerary.

reach out

have a good idea you think i should include? need advice on how to know when your cup is full enough to really give back to your friends and loved ones in a way that doesn't come with the expectation of reciprocity (of a 1:1 nature)? reach out! i'd love to hear from you!

thanks for reaching out!
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