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self-love activities

Cute Notebooks

a quick list of things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel better.

while a lot of items on this list are great to include in your life on a daily basis, it's also a great resource to come back to in the middle of a depressive/pain spiral - when it feels like you're just feeling too much and everything you're feeling is causing you pain - to stop the cycle and get you back into a good mental space (even if only momentarily).

1. Grab a piece of paper and write down everything you're feeling - let it come however it wants (journal entry, poem, story, anything).

2. Go through ALL of your Emergency Emotional Care Kit.

3. Buy a self-love journal and/or complete one page of a self-love journal.

4. Drink 8 oz of water of water (and while you're getting the water and drinking it, just thank yourself for doing that so future you isn't dehydrated.... this sounds silly, but thanking yourself for doing things for future you is a HUGE self-love hack).

5. Go for a walk in the sunshine (if the sun is shining).


6. Practice saying "no" to yourself every time a mean thought comes into your mind. Say "no" aloud to your thoughts. If it tries to come back, say "no" again. Say it as many times as you have to - but do it forcefully, not manically - because this is YOUR mind and YOU decide what goes.

7. Read self-love poetry.

8. Brush your teeth and take a shower (again, thank yourself for doing this for yourself so that future you is clean - and realize you can never thank yourself enough for these small things when you're going through hard times because only you know how much effort it really takes).

9. Tell yourself "I love you. You're doing the best you can and I'm proud of you."

10. Do a 5-minute word dump in a journal of all the negative self-talk that's going through your mind (don't judge and don't edit, just get it out). When you're done, read it over and ask yourself if you would ever say any of those things to your best friend. If the answer is no, apologize to yourself, and then burn it. Burn every page with every hateful, unkind word on it.

reach out

if nothing else, know that you can always reach out to me. i've been exactly where you are right now - ugly crying to the point where snot is dripping down your face, hating yourself, feeling worthless... i've been there too. you're not alone. i'm here for you.

thanks for reaching out!
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