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női lélek

was born of my pain.

the words themselves mean "female soul" in Hungarian, my grandmother's tongue. I am női lélek, but so are you. and, on some level, i believe all of humanity has more női lélek in them than many would like to admit.

if you join a workshop you'll see my face in time and know my name, i'm not trying to hide. but i'm also not trying to create yet another cult of personality online around my identity.

i don't believe that you - exactly as you are right now - should want to be anything like me. you are uniquely you and that's beautiful. i want to celebrate all women - what they've overcome and what they're able to create. to me, that is the essence of női lélek. the essence of the female soul. taking the pain, the struggles, the injustices... and creating. creation, after all, is and always has been the dominion of the feminine.

the community

a group of strong women who choose 

every day to work through their pain and share their truth.

women's circle.jpg

the poetry

my first three books of poetry are a trilogy of healing from the pain of sexual assault, rape, and betrayal at the hands of men i knew and trusted.

sexual trauma healing collection

84770f_ab56ff2a5af943339f7dc9091e4ae27d~mv2_d_1988_2666_s_2 copy.png

available April 5, 2023


coming soon!

childhood trauma healing collection


also coming soon!

coming soon!


coming soon!

i breathe again

as i have never breathed before

who knew my lungs

could hold so much more?

who knew that i -

still a child in this life -

could find such peace,

could create within myself 

such light 


do right by your life

do right by you


do right


or simply,



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