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all my favorite men

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a healing book of pain

are dead:

shop 'all my favorite men are dead'

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also, men are garbage:


a healing book of questioning

more books of healing coming soon!


a healing book of rediscovery


a recollection of childhood

fear is the thing with tethers

i do not write poetry 
i rather believe
that poetry has written me
and i am simply
on this earth
to bleed words
into being

everyone is a poet in their soul

i know this to be true

because before i wrote my first poem

i hated poetry

i didn't understand the point of it

until i discovered that it was the single greatest source

of healing from trauma

for the one simple reason that

with poetry, you don't need characters and plots

you need only feelings and thoughts

and when healing from trauma

it's not the exact circumstances or people

you need to make sense of

but the pain, and everything it meant

in that moment and every moment since

you have the 'write' to heal.

we all do.


these workshops aren't just for writers or poets, they're for any woman who's experienced the pain of sexual abuse & trauma. any woman who wants to reclaim her voice, speak her truth, and empower herself to begin healing on HER terms.


this workshop is for YOU.


*workshops are currently being held over zoom


any woman who's been hurt by any man at any point in her life needs these workshops. i'm not kidding. the sisterhood, the writing, the yoga... all of it is incredibly powerful. i healed from things i wasn't even aware were affecting me. which is pretty crazy considering i've been going totherapy for years now. 

Bria Caldwell,
Small Business Owner


i found her poetry on IG and loved it! i've only been to one workshop so far, but it's been one of the best purchases i made for myself since i got my fitbit because that's what it feels like... a way to keep track of how you're doing emotionally. and even though i'm a single mom (clearly i've been fucked over by men), i was really surprised to see just how much pain and anger came up in my writing.

Monica Hernandez,

Single Working Mom

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